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Wisconsin: Special Session On Gun Control Convenes

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Wisconsin: Special Session On Gun Control Convenes

He’s at it again.

Because the Legislature defended your freedom and did not accede to his demands, Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order for a “special” session that convenes today, November 7. Gov. Evers previously tried to undermine your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms through a confiscation scheme devoid of due process and the criminalization of private transfers – and he’s hoping you won’t notice his stubborn attempt to steal your rights again. Your NRA remains committed to defending the Second Amendment against such infringements and is determined to protect your rights against these schemes in the special session.

Meanwhile, you must urge your state legislators to oppose Gov. Evers’ threats against our Second Amendment rights. 

As NRA members know, the so-called “Extreme Risk Protection Order” laws that Gov. Evers is so eager to impose would empower the government to confiscate your firearms without regard to your Second Amendment rights. If Gov. Evers gets his way, the self-defense rights of every law-abiding citizen in Wisconsin will be weakened so that Gov. Evers’ government cronies can be strengthened.

As if his confiscation regime wasn’t bad enough, Gov. Evers is trying to criminalize private transfers between Wisconsin’s law-abiding citizens. Contrary to the Second Amendment, the Governor hopes to force everyone in Wisconsin to pay for governmental permission, at their own expense, before they can transfer firearms—including any gifts or trades between family members and close friends. Even the most mundane transfers would be criminalized in Wisconsin if Gov. Evers has his way.

Gov. Evers’ feverish effort to cram the government between the Second Amendment and lawful transactions proves his disregard for our U.S. Constitution, your freedom, and the objective data about gun laws. Even the studies conducted by anti-gun researchers confirm that Gov. Evers’ nonsensical laws won’t reduce gun crimes or suicides. Does Gov. Evers honestly believe that criminals will be deterred by having some additional laws to ignore? Don’t be fooled: Because his gun control schemes are unenforceable without a government registry of all firearms and owners, Gov. Evers’ plan is merely a precursor to a government registry.

We must keep Wisconsin free. Take a brief moment to contact your state legislators—make them stand up for you and the other law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin. Insist that your elected officials protect your Second Amendment rights against laws that violate fundamental due process and make you less safe than the criminals they coddle! 

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