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Illinois: Gun Control Bills to be Heard This Week

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Illinois: Gun Control Bills to be Heard This Week

The Illinois state House of Representatives can take action any day on House Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 2580 to expand the 72 hour waiting period to all firearms.  On May 24th, the Illinois state House Judiciary-Criminal Committee will be hearing Senate Amendment 3 to Senate Bill 337 to shut down your local gun stores with onerous red tape and regulations as well as Senate Amendment 3 to Senate Bill 2387 to make it a felony for the seller of a firearm to fail to verify the validity of the buyer’s FOID.  Please contact your state Representative and urge them to OPPOSE House Amendment 1 to SB 2580.  In addition, please contact committee members and urge them to OPPOSE Senate Amendment 3 to SB 337 and Senate Amendment 3 to SB 2387.

Click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Representative and committee members.

While Governor Bruce Rauner previously vetoed House Bill 1468 which  would have expanded the 72 hour waiting period to most commonly owned semi-automatic firearms, House Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 2580 seeks to expand it to all firearms.  Current Illinois law requires a 72 hour waiting period for handguns and a 24 hour waiting period for long guns.  Waiting periods are an archaic relic from before the digital age, since they were originally meant to give local law enforcement time to complete background checks.  Since the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) came into operation in 1998, technology has allowed background checks to be done instantly, activating the law that eliminated the federally required waiting periods.

With the original reason for waiting periods no longer relevant, waiting periods are now purported to delay those intent on harming others or themselves.  Multiple studies on waiting period laws have failed to show any effect on reducing crime or suicide rates.  In fact, some studies demonstrate an increase in firearm-related crime associated with waiting periods.

Senate Amendment 3 to Senate Bill 337, sponsored by Senator Don Harmon (D-3), would create an onerous gun dealer licensing scheme within the state.  While the purported intent of this legislation was to enhance “responsible business practices,” these bills only prove that the intention is to close as many federally licensed firearm dealers (FFLs) as possible.  The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) licenses and closely monitors all FFLs and strictly enforces any violation of federal law.  SA 3 to SB 337 go so far beyond federal law in its mandatory regulations and red tape imposed at the state level that they would almost assuredly force the closure of most firearm dealers and prevent prospective owners from opening new ones.  This legislation seeks to create so many department divisions, anti-gun 5-member licensing boards, and licensing fees that dealers would be forced to close through oversight by anti-gun appointees or being priced out of business.  (Click here to sign witness slip for SA 3 to SB 337)

Senate Amendment 3 to Senate Bill 2387, offered by Senator Julie Morrison (D-29), would make it a felony for the seller of a firearm to fail to verify the validity of the buyer’s FOID with the state police online or by phone.  Not only is this penalty excessive, but it is also impossible for authorities to provewhether or not a FOID had in fact been verified.  In addition, SA 3 to SB 2387 would require those receiving firearms surrendered by gun owners who have their FOID revoked to file and keep documentation with the state police and the State’s Attorney in their county.  It is already illegal under current law to transfer firearms to those without a valid FOID.  (Click here to sign witness slip for SA 3 to SB 2387)

Again, please urge your state Representative to OPPOSE HA 1 to SB 2580 and the House Judiciary-Criminal Committee to OPPOSE SA 3 to SB 337 and SA 3 to SB 2387.  In addition, you may click here to find your state Representative.

House Rules Committee

Chair: Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25) 217-782-8121
Republican Spokesperson: Dan Brady (R-105) 217-782-1118
Rep. Lou Lang (D-16) 217-782-1252
Rep. Tom Demmer (D-90) 217-782-0535
Rep Arthur Turner (D-9) 217-782-8116

House Judiciary-Criminal Committee

Chair: Rep. Arthur Turner (D-9) 217-782-8116
Vice Chair: Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-14) 217-782-8088
Republican Spokesperson: Rep. Brian Stewart (R-89) 217-782-8186
Rep. Terri Bryant (R-115) 217-782-0387
Rep. John Cabello (R-68) 217-782-0455
Rep. John Connor (D-85) 217-782-4179
Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-39) 217-558-1032
Rep. Rita Mayfield (D-60) 217-558-1012
Rep. Christian Mitchell (D-26) 217-782-2023
Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst (R-79) 217-782-5981
Rep. Justin Slaughter (D-27) 217-782-0010
Rep. Juliana Stratton (D-5) 217-782-4535
Rep. Barbara Wheeler (R-64) 217-782-1664

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